The development of the new educational method includes workshops in the three partner countries of the project: Poland, Portugal and Turkey.

The intensive two-week workshop  with creative participants, working together to innovate a new product to market.

The workshop process and output consists of the following criteria:

  1. Each stage of project is developed in agreement of the entire design team;
  2. The product will be made from local materials and resources;
  3. All stages of the project documented;
    a) Gathering inspiration and searching for raw materials;
    b) Designs and prototypes;
    c) Implementation process;
    d) Development of visual identif ication;
    e) Development of multimedia product materials;
  4. The design team will work with locally available tools;
  5. Each workshop will culminate its efforts in an exhibition.

The experiences from the workshops will be the basis for describing the new educational method.